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Looking for a unique technology camp where your child can thrive in a creative, fun and challenging environment? Fun Bot Lab is a place where the rhythms of your child’s technical and creative potential will be harnessed for maximum growth in a summer camp experience they will never forget. We offer great programs for rising 1st to 8th graders in a safe nurturing environment with an outstanding staff.

From the right side of the brain to the left, from the heights of creative visions to the inner details of a robotics program, Fun Bot Lab offers excitement, challenges and fun in our carefully selected set of programs. We are focused on robotics because of their unique ability to excite and motivate kids to grasp programming and engineering concepts, yet we also place equal emphasis on celebrating the digital arts and creativity.

At Fun Bot Lab, we try to draw a bright distinction between using a gadget vs. building one – between playing a video game vs. creating one, - between passively viewing media vs. actively creating it. By emphasizing the built, programmed and created aspects of the technology, Fun Bot Lab campers emerge with a greater confidence about their ability to critically evaluate, shape and control their experiences and gain a clearer vision of what is “behind the curtain” of the electronic images, sounds and experiences they encounter.

All of the programs we run have been tested with students and classes and undergo constant modification and adjustment. We are fun, flexible and patient – and we love and excel at the subjects we teach.

Thanks for taking the time to look at our special camp and its programs. We hope to see you in the Summer of 2017!









The camp is AWESOME. Every kid was fully engaged. When one camper asked a question, the counselor responded in a way that encouraged him to experiment and discover the answer for himself. Watching them test the robots was so cool. I want to do this camp myself!

-Howard S.

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