Camp Goals at Fun Bot Lab

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1. We seek to generate high excitement, inspiration, and a desire to learn in each camper.

  • Campers will participate in activities strongly focused on Lego robotics as well as iPads, scratch, and video editing software.
  • Campers will experience immersive camp themes such as Star Wars, Castle Adventure, and Super Heroes.
  • Campers will be introduced to a challenge connected to the 2-week theme at the end of each camp session. These challenges will call on campers to recall, combine, and deploy the skills that they have learned towards coming up with a creative solution to an engaging challenge.
  • Campers will have a chance to play remote-controlled robotic games in our game lab purely for fun.
  • Campers will have a chance to engage in super-fun outdoor games with a variety of fun and safe sports and outdoor equipment.

2. We seek to teach kids to think algorithmically, think using key insights and concepts, and think through problems and solutions.

  • Every camper will experience a 1:1 camper-to-robot ratio with their own computer station to learn programming skills.
  • Campers will learn a series of programming skills that each build on one another, beginning with simple movement and advancing throughout the session.
  • Campers will be encouraged to try things out and test their programs on their robots, rather than being given an answer. Campers will be asked why they think their programs produced each result, and then will be encouraged to try again.
  • Every camper will be asked to read back programs they have written on the computer, to enforce the understanding of the programming skills.
  • Staff will, both verbally and in written form, use pseudocode to talk a camper through the robot’s motions and actions to model for kids a simple and easily accessible mode of algorithmic thinking.
  • Staff will highlight and emphasize key grade-appropriate insights and concepts that a particular skill draws upon in each lab and draw out the connections between a particular instance and an abstract formula or maxim and its connection to their age appropriate academic learning.

3. We seek to unleash imagination & creativity.

  • Every camper will, individually or in pairs, execute an artistic vision by creating a storyboard for a full stop-motion movie, building the set, shooting the frames, editing the film and showing it to the campers at the end of the 2 weeks at a film festival.
  • Every camper will have the opportunity to decide how they will attempt to use their learned skill set to meet the final camp robotics challenge.
  • Camp activities will be framed by an immersive theme, and campers will be encouraged to develop their own camp persona (a Jedi name, a Superhero alter-ego, etc.)
  • Campers in the building lab will be asked to modify their basic builds to meet the needs of challenges.

4. We seek to provide a safe space for learning, exploration, and growth where the values of persistence, problem-solving, cooperation, respect, and teamwork are nurtured and rewarded.

  • Staff will emphasize that Fun Bot Lab safe space for learning, growing and exploration. Mistakes will be re-framed as learning what not to do. Staff will model and emphasize the expectation that programming is a process of trial and error by modeling the process of coding the robot (and perhaps leaving something out), testing it, modifying it and then testing it again.
  • Every camper will be encouraged to ask questions and try new things, and experience that nobody gets the right answer on the first try.
  • Every camper will learn how to repair their robots if and when they experience minor damage.
  • In the filming of Stop Motion movies, campers will be forced to slow down and work persistently to complete each scene. They will then see their creations come to life as a reward for their patience and persistence.
  • Campers will be encouraged to work in teams to make LEGO Stop Motion movies.
  • Campers will have opportunities for friendly competitions with an emphasis on teamwork and good sportsmanship.
  • At the beginning of each session, campers will discuss as a group the importance of respecting each other, and respecting the technology and all camp equipment.









Best. Camp. Ever! So proud of the kids - they had so much fun programming bots and making videos this week. They don't even realize how much they learned along the way. Thanks Fun Bot Lab and see you next summer.

- C. B.

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