Q: When does Fun Bot Lab take place in 2017?

A: Fun Bot Lab will take place from June 26 to August 11, 2017! Please click here to see the details of this summer's schedule!

Q: Where is Fun Bot Lab located?

A: Fun Bot Lab has three great locations!

Fun Bot Lab McLean Campus - located at Saint Luke School - 7005 Georgetown Pike McLean, VA 22101

Fun Bot Lab Annandale Campus - located at Holy Spirit School - 8800 Braddock Road Annandale, VA 22003

Fun Bot Lab Arlington Campus - located at St. Charles School - 3299 Fairfax Drive Arlington, VA 22201

Our off-season HQ is located in Arlington, VA. Please use this address to mail paperwork or other items during the school year!

Fun Bot Lab HQ
716 N Barton Street
Arlington, VA 22201

Q: How much does your camp cost?

A: One session of Mini Bots (rising K-1st Grades) lasts one week and costs $475. One session of Fun Bot Lab (rising 2nd-8th grades) lasts two weeks and costs $950. Two of our locations do have a one-week Fun Bot Lab camp, and that costs $475. Please click here to see the full details of Fun Bot Lab's costs!

Q: Do you have any discounts?

A: We have a LOT of discounts! We have discounts for early registration, a sibling discount, and a multiple session discount! Please click here to see the full details of Fun Bot Lab's discounts!

Q: Do most participants sign up for more than one session?

A: Our courses are structured so that a camper can sign up for multiple sessions to have a different and unique challenge each session. We balance this with introductory classes at the beginning of each workshop to make sure that any camper can come into camp at any session and quickly get oriented. Once kids have a positive experience, it is common for them to sign up for additional sessions. 

Q: My child has a commitment in the morning/afternoon, can I elect to enroll for half of each day?

A: The full experience of Fun Bot Lab summer camps is participation in the interlocking sessions in the morning and afternoon, so we do ask our participants to spend the full day with us for five days a week, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Of course, campers do have dental appointments and other commitments, and can check out early or arrive late as special circumstances demand. A parent or guardian must check into the office, and then be accompanied by a staff member to walk to the workshop in session to pick up/drop off a camper early/late. Do keep in mind that we have a carefully paced series of lessons, (especially with movie making) so missed time from any part of the day can affect the overall camper experience.

Q: What times do most parents pick up their campers?

A: Most campers are picked up between 3:00PM and 3:15PM. Once in Aftercare, most campers are picked up within an hour or so.

Q: Do you have Beforecare and Aftercare?

A: Yes we do! All campers are welcome to attend Beforecare and Aftercare. There are no space limitations, and no signup is necessary. We offer Beforecare every day from 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM at flat per-morning fee of $7 per morning. We offer Aftercare every day from 3:15 PM to 6:00 PM at a rate of $15 per hour billed at the half-hour. 

Q: If our plans change, can I transfer my camper into another session?

A: We understand that our Fun Bot Families have busy schedules, so please feel free to sign up now and transfer between sessions later! You may transfer between sessions without any fees or penalties until your session is Sold Out. We will notify you when your session is near to Sold Out so that you can make your final summer plans!

After April 7, 2017, there will be no tuition refunds. There are no refunds for absences during a session nor prorating of fees for partial attendance.

Q: How do you handle refunds?

A: At Fun Bot Lab, we are able to make our camp great by spending time tailoring each session to the campers in attendance. Also, every year we have had to turn families away from their preferred sessions. When you sign up for Fun Bot Lab, we are guaranteeing you a space in this special program, and for this reason, we have a non-refundable deposit of $200 per camper per session. Families who voluntarily withdraw on or before April 7, 2017 shall receive a full refund less this $200 non-refundable deposit.

After April 7, 2017, there will be no tuition refunds. There are no refunds for absences during a session nor prorating of fees for partial attendance.

Q: Do sessions sell out?

A: Yes! Every year parents are disappointed because their chosen session is sold out, so register now for your first choice!

Q: What is the name of the charge that will appear on my credit card?

A: Fun Bot Lab is organized under an LLC with the name Turbo Comet LLC – which will show up as the name on of the charge.

Q: What is Fun Bot Lab’s Tax ID Number?

A: The Tax ID number is 27-1967068. Please note that Fun Bot Lab is not a nonprofit organization.



Q: What is a Fun Bot Lab Online Account?

A: All parents who have submitted an application to Fun Bot Lab have an Online Account that securely saves all of their camper information, family information, and payment information. You can log on to your Online Account by clicking here.

Q: Is my Online Account information secure?

A: All information submitted on your Online Account is completely secure and treated with the utmost respect and privacy. Fun Bot Lab currently uses CampMinder, a well-respected system with high standards of security, to store all of our camper information, family information, and payment information. All information is stored on an encrypted, secure zero-down-time server. For more information about this and other privacy policies, please click here.

Q: What forms and documents are required for Fun Bot Lab?

A: All forms and documents requried for Fun Bot Lab are available on your Online Account under Forms & Documents. To view detailed instructions, including the list of forms and documents required for Fun Bot Lab, please click here.

Q: Can I pay in installments?

A: Yes! If you register for Fun Bot Lab before April 7, 2017, you will have the option to pay half of your tuition upfront. Any balance remaining on your account will be charged to your credit card on April 7, 2017. Any registration after April 7, 2017 must be paid in full. PLEASE NOTE: All signups before January 1, 2017 that take advantage of our Super Early Bird Discount must also be paid in full. 

Q: Can I make payments online?

A: Yes! You can make payments, add or change credit card information, and view your balance by logging into your Online Account and clicking on Financial Management. For more information, please click here. To log into your Online Account, please click here.

Any balance remaining on your account will be charged to your credit card on April 7, 2017.

Q: I'm having trouble logging in to my Online Account!

A: For questions specifically about your Fun Bot Lab Online Account, please call CampMinder Tech Support directly at (303) 444-2267. They are always happy to help any of our Fun Bot Families!



Q: What age group is the camp designed for and how are they divided?

A: Our Camp is targeted for rising K – 8th graders. Our 2017 groups are as follows:

Mini Bots: rising K-1st graders (usually 5-6 years old)
Big Bots: rising 2nd graders (usually 7 years old)
Ultra Bots:  rising 3rd graders (usually 8 years old)
Mega Bots: rising 4th-5th graders (usually 9-10 years old)
Giga Bots: rising 6th-8th graders (usually 11-13 years old)

Getting the best mix of kids and abilities is our guiding goal – so we remain flexible to allow kids to be moved up and down, and we allow friends / siblings to be moved between groups to create the best fit (please note: we cannot move friends and siblings into groups once that group is filled, so please register early to secure your first choice!)

Q: What are typical daily activities at Fun Bot Lab?

Daily activities include creation of LEGO robots, computer programming, stop motion animation, game design, digital music, outdoor adventures, and more!  Visit this page to see a typical day at Fun Bot Lab, and this page for more detailed information about our labs.

Q: Are there any restrictions on kids with special needs?

A: We welcome differences in our campers, and kids who excel and express intense interest in technology are often creative individuals with unique personalities. However, we are not a special needs camp and are not ideally suited to accommodate kids with special needs who operate outside of a mainstream school environment. We trust our parents to keep us fully informed so that reasonable accomodations can be made well in advance of the first day of camp. Please contact us with any questions.

Q: My child has food allergies - what restrictions do you put on the dining environment?

A: Many campers pack their own lunch, and all campers eat lunch together. For this reason, we cannot assure a nut-free or other allergen free environment. The lunches available to order through our Smart Lunches program are all nut-free, and lunches are available to accomodate many other nutritional needs.

Q: Will your staff administer medication?

A: All members of our staff will be CPR and First Aid certified, and select members of our staff are also trained to administer medication. We will only administer medication at Fun Bot Lab if you have filled out an appropriate medication form for each medication to be administered. Please visit this page for more details.

Q: How do you handle conflicts between students?

A: Fun Bot Lab stresses teamwork and cooperation and its teachers and counselors have specific instructions to be conscious of and to foster those skills. In a collaborative environment, differences of opinions present a “teachable moment” and can result in richer ideas and solutions. In all cases, we proactively take steps to ensure an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Q: My daughter/son has advanced experience with one or more of the subjects you are teaching. How focused will the workshops be on the subjects he or she knows best?

A: Fun Bot Lab makes every possible effort to give its teachers flexibility to adjust the learning content for individuals in a workshop. Students with specific ideas or advanced talents are encouraged to communicate with us once they are signed up so that we can make sure they get the very most out of their session of Fun Bot Lab! Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Q: Do you post the work the students create online?

A: One of the great thrills that a camper will get is posting a video online for his friends to see. We ask all of our campers to sign up for our private Social Media site to share photos and videos internally, and all videos will be posted to our public YouTube channel so that campers and parents can view and share the videos. We will never post Personally Identifiable Information in these videos; we will label them with camper first names only.

Q: My camper will be picked up at 6:00PM each day, what activities will he/she do in the afternoon?

A: We have a variety of games and activities that our aftercare specialists engage in to keep kids happy and occupied after camp, including board games, card games, computer games, and time outside on the playground. We'll also have special activity days that we will post ahead of time!








Both of our daughters loved this camp! The first day they came home so excited about building robots, the movie making and programming. Each day they learned more and can't wait for the finished product. A great mix of creativity and technology. Girls can be techies too!

-Lisa R.

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Fun Bot Lab Arlington Campus - 3299 Fairfax Drive - Arlington, VA 22201

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