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Timothy Burns - Founder & Chief Fun Bot

Timothy Burns is the Founder of Fun Bot Lab’s programs and the visionary behind its developing technology.

Tim’s unique strength lies in his ability to combine his deep experience with K-12 teaching, technology and camp operations with his creative ideation, vision and leadership skills. He has a deep sense of what appeals, engages and motivates young learners to begin the work of mastering key technology and 21st learning skills. Tim has served on the LEGO Education Advisory Panel, was part of the “P Zero” development group in Billund, Denmark and currently consults with LEGO as an LEA trainer, traveling to schools to train teachers how to use LEGO Education products.

OurTeam Tim

A true digital native in his 40’s, Tim spent countless hours with his two older brothers and sister working on early BBS systems on Apple II+ computers surrounded by tables of technical gear, radio-controlled RC systems and programming manuals. In this family basement lab, creativity was never separate from technology, a deep experience that became a founding value at Fun Bot Lab’s creation. Fun Bot Lab was started at Sidwell Friends School seven years ago when Tim was asked to start a summer robotics program, evolving it to its present status as the premier robotics camp in the greater Washington DC area.

Melissa Pore, M.Ed. - Director of Operations & Site Director of Fun Bot Lab Annandale

Melissa brings a rich background of educational experience from her 15 years of teaching and directing technology at K-12 schools both public and private. From Texas to Virginia, she is able to capture the hearts and minds of young and old alike with her amazing revelations on STEM topics like robotics and space!

OurTeam Melissa

Melissa’s experience includes working with the United States Naval Academy on STEM, leading an underwater robotics club (SeaPerch), working with NASA education on pilot projects and demos, and training others to use technology and software. Melissa has been recognized as one of Leon Harris’ “Harris’ Heroes” on ABC Channel , WJLA for her innovative teaching practices. She is a licensed amateur radio operator (KM4CZN) and the President of a local student radio club. Her latest STEM project is a satellite she built with her students that is currently on the International Space Station awaiting deployment.

Her diverse knowledge and experience are an exciting addition to the Fun Bot Lab team!

Michelle Cabero - Camp Administrator & Director of Compliance

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Alex LaBrie - Curriculum & Platform Designer

Alex LaBrie helps to develop and shape the specific functions, technology & engineering behind the themes and challenges that undergird our unique curriculum and teaching methods.

OurTeam Alex

Alex’s degree in psychology and 7 years of direct care in his field with special education program experience, coupled with his current studies in computer science and his love of LEGO make him an ideal team member at Fun Bot Lab. Alex is adept at pioneering new ways to engage and excite kids around LEGO educational system.

Alex helps to organize the curriculum for the robotics program, and makes sure that it’s something all campers can enjoy. You’ll most often find him, offseason and during the summer, in the Challenge Lab building ridiculous LEGO challenges for campers eager to put their robot-building and programming skills to the test.

Courtney Brown - Director of Marketing & Business Development

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Thank you Mr. Burns and the entire team at Fun Bot Lab for making summer camp educational and FUN!

- S. R.

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