Fun Bot Lab workshops are a great opportunity to gain direct hands on experience with Mindstorms NXT robots.  We always have a 1:1:1 ratio of attendees / robots / computers, giving everyone uninterrupted access to their own computer & robot for maximum learning.  Mindstorms robots come with easy to use drag-and-drop software developed by Lab View, allowing first time users to quickly get the robot to start working.  Robots are fun, educational and perfect for teaching science, technology, engineering and math concepts.   Below are some of the types of workshops that we offer:

Fun Bot Lab Introductory Robot Workshop for Teachers
This introductory workshop goes over the basic operation of the robots with attention paid to the mechanics of the sensors, connections and downloading between the computer and the robot.  Designed for teachers with little or no experience with robots, this workshop is structured to provide hands on experience as well as being open to teacher input and ideas.  Ideal for Science, Technology and Math teachers or anyone who has an interest in school robotics.

Attention Diocesian Institute Attendees!
Be sure to attend this robotics workshop given by Timothy Burns at the beginning and the end of the day.

Fun Bot Lab School Robotics Club
School’s out, let the fun begin!  Fun Bot Lab has been putting on fantastic summer workshops for over four years.  Imagine the fun of a summer camp combined with the organization of a club with the learning of a classroom and you have an idea of why these clubs are in such demand and so popular with students.   Students engage in friendly team competitions as they put robots through a challenging obstacle course and build their own robot designs.   Club meetings are held once a week and run for six weeks in a row.  Open to elementary and middle school age kids grades 2 and up.

Please call (703) 831-7747 for more information

Fun Bot Lab Curriculum Integration Robotics
From building simple machines to reinforcing math concepts to demonstrating friction, robots are excellent teaching tools when integrated into a class environment.  Fun Bot Lab Curriculum Integration plugs directly into a classroom environment - during the school day - with a robot and laptop based program of study.  We work with teachers and administrators to come up with a custom plan of study to have the robots reinforce learning goals in the class.  Robots always generate high excitement and enthusiasm with kids, so they are an excellent way to teach an idea or concept and get learners to explore and figure out solutions themselves.

Please call (703) 831-7747 for more information










Thank you Mr. Burns and the entire team at Fun Bot Lab for making summer camp educational and FUN!

- S. R.

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