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Let’s face it - Robots are awesome. Whether they look and act like humans or function purely as machines, they’re appearing more and more in our daily lives, completing tasks as diverse as entertaining us at theme parks, assembling our appliances, and delivering our packages through the air. Fun Bot Lab campers get to dig right down into robotics and learn what they’re all about in our hands-on LEGO robotics programs!

Robotics is made of many component parts - building and engineering, computer programming, and practical real-world testing and refining. Campers at Fun Bot Lab spend their session progressing through all of these steps, resulting in a completed LEGO robotic creation that the campers program themselves to complete a series of fun LEGO challenges!

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 It’s time for some stop-motion magic! Fun Bot Lab is pleased to offer our campers the creative and fun possibilities of stop motion animation!

Stop motion animation is the process where each frame of a movie is shot frame by frame, with software to expedite the process. There is a certain magic to seeing formerly inanimate objects come to life, move with purpose and become part of a story. Working with iPads and our LEGO Digital Media environment, campers will have their imaginations run wild as they dig into our massive collection of LEGO sets and well-organized LEGO bricks to assemble their own custom-built LEGO worlds!

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 Even though a ton of learning goes on at Fun bot Lab, we try to keep one thing very clear: this is CAMP, not school. That means, sometimes we just need to have fun and play for the pure joy of playing!

Our campers enjoy LEGO robotic games and activities, and also get a chance to stretch their legs and run around in the newly-renovated gym and on the beautiful green fields of Saint Luke School!

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