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Even though a ton of learning goes on at Fun bot Lab, we try to keep one thing very clear: this is CAMP, not school. That means, sometimes we just need to have fun and play for the pure joy of playing!

Our campers enjoy LEGO® robotic games and activities, and also get a chance to stretch their legs and run around in the gym and on the fields of Saint Luke School in McLean, Holy Spirit School in Annandale, and Saint Charles School in Arlington. 

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We have a variety of cool games, contests, and awards that we have our campers do to keep things fun and spontaneous in our sessions. Lots of these games are LEGO Robot games, such as our Robot Joust, where campers face off in a robot battle, or our Robot Maze, where campers have to navigate their robots using only the view through the robot's camera, or using only commands from the rest of their team! There are also mini-games and contests during building and programming labs to make the lessons come alive, spark camper interest, and build team spirit. Our games and contests at Fun Bot Lab keep the fun flowing - all session long, all summer long!

Campers also enjoy a chance to get outside and run around every day! Our Outdoor Adventures give campers a chance to get outside, explore and engage in structured and slightly-less-structured physical activities. It’s time away from a screen, and space to spread out and enjoy the outdoors. 

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We also arrange for flexible “Microburst” periods of athletic outdoor activity sprinkled throughout the day. These allow us to flexibly and creatively gauge the needs of our students as they progress through their learning and their challenges. Sometimes it’s summertime, and the class just needs to go outside and toss a basketball around. Our microburst philosophy allows teachers to flexibly and effectively meet the physical activity needs of our kids and keep things fun. Young campers especially can benefit from this activity, and re-engage with their work with a fresh mind. Our most popular games include Capture the flag, Dodge ball, Spud, Minion Tag, and Kickball, among many others! We also offer less-strenuous activities such as glider throwing contests, bubble making, and swinging, and climbing on the playground.

And, of course, we can’t forget Waterplay, featuring our super-bouncy, super-safe, super-FUN slip’n’slide! Waterplay days at Fun Bot Lab give campers the option to play on the slip’n’slide, throw sponges and water balloons, and jump through the sprinklers. This gives our campers a chance to stay cool in the summer sun, while having a waterpark-like experience in between their robotics and media activities!






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