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Let’s face it - Robots are awesome. Whether they look and act like humans, or function purely as machines, they’re appearing more and more in our daily lives, completing tasks as diverse as entertaining us at theme parks, assembling our appliances, and delivering our packages through the air. Fun Bot Lab campers get to dig right down into robotics and learn what they’re all about in our hands-on LEGO┬« robotics programs!

The field of Robotics is comprised of many component parts - building and engineering, computer programming, practical, and real-world testing/refining. Campers at Fun Bot Lab spend their session progressing through all of these steps, resulting in a completed LEGO robotic creation that the campers program themselves to complete a series of fun LEGO challenges!

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The first step is building. Here at Fun Bot Lab, we nourish and feed our camper’s insatiable desire to assemble, construct, and build LEGO creations by offering all of our campers - from Kindergarten to the 8th grade - the space, time and guidance to build all manner of LEGO robots and machines.

Young campers learn the basics of simple machines by creating fun motorized animals, vehicles, and other contraptions, while older campers use LEGO Mindstorms to build elaborate LEGO robots that can move across the room on their own!

The ultimate goal of the hands-on building lab at Fun Bot Lab is get kids to reach an engineering fluency where they can independently, autonomously, and freely create their own ground-up creations from kits, designs, and their own creative visions.

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To make their creations move, campers learn the fundamentals of computer programming. Programming a robot is distinct from playing with a toy in that the user plays an active role in both building the robot and determining its behavior.

Once programmed by the camper, a robot is able to operate autonomously and react to its environment in fulfillment of a task or challenge. And when our campers solve their programming challenges, they're doing so on our elaborate LEGO tables filled with LEGO sets and characters, with an exciting story to match the programming mission!

We are proud offer a genuine introduction to a programming education experience - from our youngest campers who learn how to use a purely icon-based language of drag and drop, to our oldest campers who learn how to program the Java language LeJOS directly into a LEGO Mindstorms brick.

Our program has a 1:1 student-to-robot and student-to-computer ratio, virtually assuring that every student gets an individual, intense experience in programming – and nothing makes learning this discipline more accessible and fun than working with simple machines and robots that the campers built themselves!






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