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It’s time for some stop-motion magic! Fun Bot Lab is pleased to offer our campers the creative and fun possibilities of stop motion animation.

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Stop motion animation is the process where each frame of a movie is shot frame by frame, with software to expedite the process. There is a certain magic to seeing formerly inanimate objects come to life, move with purpose and become part of a story. Working with iPads and our LEGO® Digital Media environment, campers will have their imaginations run wild as they dig into our massive collection of LEGO sets and well-organized LEGO bricks to assemble their own custom-built LEGO worlds!

Our Digital Media program is customized for all camper ages! Kindergartners begin with simple narrated stories on the iPads, and older campers learn new techniques every year: the basics of character movement, camera angles, script writing, storyboarding, voiceover, sound design, and more! After the scenes are shot, they are encoded into video and edited in our special media room where they are given titles, music, and of course, a sound track!

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Campers of all ages get to experience the thrill of telling their own story using technology, and all campers finish their session with a completed stop motion project to share with friends and family! Even our first graders will have LEGO minifigures walking across the screen having adventures, while our oldest campers will complete entire short films and collaborative film projects. In addition to LEGO movies, campers also explore Stop Motion techniques such as claymation, pixilation, and animated GIFs.

Come join us this summer at Fun Bot Lab for a fantastic, creative experience!






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