Fun Bot Lab

Fun Bot Lab offers our campers a chance to explore a variety of robotics and media options during the summer. Our two-week sessions allow our campers to delve deeply in the Labs that make up their Fun Bot Lab experience. This is our core camp that is in its sixth year and keeps getting better!

Each Fun Bot Lab camper will spend some time every day in each of our four core labs, which give them a range of robotics and media experiences. They build robots using LEGO® kits, program LEGO robots on the computer, create stop-motion movies using LEGO minifigures, and spend some time outside playing in the sun! By the end of each two-week session, campers will build a LEGO robot, tackle a range of programming challenges, and make an entire stop motion movie. Our Prime campers do it all!

Campers can sign up for as many sessions of Fun Bot Lab as they want! Every session has its own unique theme and presents new challenges! Our awesome counselors are always eager to create a special camp experience for every camper!

Big Bots

Rising 2nd grade (usually age 7)


Big Bots get a solid foundation of building, programming, and movie-making skills, but they're probably having too much fun to notice all this skill-building! Big Bots use fun LEGO kits to learn the building blocks of engineering and create simple and not-so-simple machines, and build their own NXT robots! They learn programming using LEGO to solve great robotic challenges, and no session of Fun Bot Prime is complete without a great movie-making project in our stop motion movie lab!

Ultra Bots

Rising 3rd Grade (usually age 8)


Ultra Bots continue building and programming with LEGO NXT and LEGO Mindstorms, and also begin to learn simple modifications to the NXT designs! This next step has campers not only tackling programming challenges, but learning to connect the function of the robot with the success of the programming tasks. Digital Media Lab introduces more storytelling tools, including increased use of sound effects and smoother animation technique.

Mega Bots

Rising 4th-5th Grades (usually age 9-10)


Mega Bots continue working with the LEGO NXT system and begin building with the LEGO EV3 system as well, deepening their knowledge of custom builds and modifications to improve robotic design! Programming challenges are even more intricate, and movie making more nuanced as campers continue to experience success and refine their skills! This is the time for campers to reach for new goals and really see what they can do!

Giga Bots

Rising 6th-8th Grades (usually age 11-13)


Giga Bots are, without a doubt, the Queens and Kings of the lab! They get to build with the latest LEGO technology, Mindstorms EV3 kits, and advance to the highest levels of robotics, engineering, and stop motion movie making. Whether it’s perfecting a custom build or trying their hand at movie editing, Giga Bots find new ways every day to take their knowledge and experience to the next level!






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